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What types of the spiral freezer do we have?
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What types of the spiral freezer do we have?

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Generally speaking, about 90% of the food processors choose spiral freezer other than other freezers like plate freezer, tunnel freezer, brine shower freezer and etc.. In theory, the spiral freezer conveys products in a spiral manner. It has the advantages of small floor space, large freezing capacity, and stable transmission. Therefore, this type of machine can manufacture quick-freezing products with a large output. Currently, there are more applications. The main application It is used in the quick-freezing industry in the food industry. According to different structure, this article introduces the two types of the spiral freezer we Wolfking have.


Here are the two types of the spiral freezer we Wolfking have:

l Spiral freezer with single or double drums

l Self-stacking spiral freezer



Spiral Freezer with single or double drums

Spiral quick-freezing machine is a kind of energy-saving quick-freezing equipment with compact structure, wide application area, small occupation area and large freezing capacity. The spiral quick-freezing machine is the first choice for the domestic and foreign food processing enterprises to use the frozen meat and other frozen products with large thickness, large volume and high feed temperature. Scope of application: prepared food, ice cream, pastry, meat and poultry, aquatic products, fried food, small packaged food, etc.


Self-stacking spiral freezer

With people’s increasing attention to food safety and hygiene, the market demand of the automatic self-stacking type spiral freezer is more and more vigorous, it overcomes the sanitary dead spots problems of traditional supporting type spiral freezer at mesh belt support, guide rail and etc., it has high efficiency, high degree of automation, covers smaller footprint, as well as good hygienic conditions and etc.. It is the most advanced quick freezing equipment in the international market at present, and also the development trend of new food quick-freezing equipment in the future.


Different spiral freezer has their own advantages, and the choice of the type of spiral freezer mainly depends on the needs of users. The freezing range of the Spiral Freezer produced by our company is from 200kg/h to 10,000kg/hr, and can be customized and manufactured according to different products and different needs of customers. The product has a wide range of applications, not only suitable for the rapid freezing of various aquatic products, poultry products, noodles and prepared foods, but also particularly suitable for the freezing of single, granular and small pieces of food. The spiral freezer produced by our company has been installed and used in many countries and regions at home and abroad, and has been well received by many users.


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