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What kind of plate freezer do we have?
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What kind of plate freezer do we have?

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The working principle of the plate freezer is to put the food in the middle of each layer of the plate in the freezer, and move the plate with the hydraulic system, so that the plate is in close contact with the food. The plate is mostly made of aluminum alloy. It is a hollow plate with tubular grille inside, and the refrigerant or carrier refrigerant flows in the tube. Both sides of the plate can conduct heat transfer, so the heat transfer coefficient is large, the freezing time is short, and the floor area is small. According to the working position of the plate, the plate freezing device can be divided into horizontal and vertical two kinds.


Here are the two kinds of plate freezer we Wolfking have:

Horizontal Plate Freezer

Vertical Plate Freezer


Horizontal Plate Freezer

In the cabinet with a very thick insulation layer of horizontal plate freezer, placed 6-16 plates, the spacing between the plates is adjusted by hydraulic lifting device. In order to prevent the food from being deformed or damaged, a pad with the same thickness as the food is placed between the plates. When freezing, first set the plate spacing to the maximum, put the food in, and then narrow the plate spacing to compress the food. The disadvantage of the horizontal plate freezer is that has the loading and unloading labor intensity, more labor is needed, and the operation has a downtime (each cycle is 10-30min).


Vertical Plate Freezer

Vertical plate freezer is different in structure from horizontal plate freezer, which the plates are vertically placed in the cabinet, which are normally used on fishing trawlers to freeze raw material fish or shrimps they caught. Vertical plate freezer are mostly used to freeze raw material fish mainly, which has the advantages of fast freezing speed, good quality of frozen fish, neat appearance, convenient stacking, high bulk density, can increase the cold storage capacity, less investment, saving consumables and good working conditions, so it is an ideal frozen fish equipment.


Our company is mainly engaged in the research and manufacture high end freezing and heating equipment, and also provides one-stop total solutions. The freezing and heating equipment we designed and manufactured are with high technology starting point, high quality positioning, we use technologies that fully synchronizes with Europe. Our horizontal plate freezer and vertical plate freezer have been exported to many customers in domestic and abroad, most proud that we have exported two batches of 40 units of vertical plate freezers to our Russian customers, which have been recognized and praised by customers.  



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