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What are the requirements for freezing equipment?
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What are the requirements for freezing equipment?

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Freezing is an important means of food preservation. Freezing equipment is a machine for large-scale freezing of perishable and cooked foods such as dumplings, seafood, food, fruits and vegetables. Freezing equipment can generally be divided into plate freezers, tunnel freezers, spiral freezers, brine shower freezers, etc. The operating principles of different freezing equipment are different. How should food processors choose a freezing equipment to ensure the best solution and the most suitable business development?


Three factors for the selection of freezing equipment:

l Ensure the quality of high-quality products

l Control production costs

l Adapt to the factory processing environment


Ensure the quality of high-quality products

Whether in the food freezing process or the food thawing process, all food freezing processes will cause different degrees of moisture loss in the food, especially when meat products, poultry and aquatic products are thawed 

Control production costs. The evaporative net weight loss reduces the net product content and its added value. The slow food freezing process will cause large ice crystals to be produced in the food. When the food is thawed, the cell tissue in the food will rupture and cause the loss of food juice. The loss of food juice will affect the color, taste and nutritional properties of thawed food. Nutrients and natural pigments will be lost with the lost food juices. In most cases, the best way to reduce the evaporative net weight loss of food is to reduce the temperature of the food as quickly as possible. Rapidly lowering the temperature of the food can correspondingly reduce the vaporization pressure of the free water on the surface of the food, and thus reduce the dehydration and dry consumption of the food. Therefore, excellent freezing equipment must have a strong quick-freezing ability and be able to reduce the temperature of food in a relatively short period of time.


Control production costs

Choosing food freezing equipment is not a simple matter. A single food freezing equipment is not a good choice for all food processors. At this time, choosing ultra-low temperature food freezing equipment may be the most beneficial to food producers. The advantage of ultra-low temperature food freezing equipment is that it can adapt to a series of freezing rate requirements of various types of food to improve its product quality. Mechanical food freezing equipment requires a large amount of capital investment, but it may have long-term financial returns. Shock type food freezing equipment actually narrows the gap between mechanical and ultra-low temperature food freezing technology to some extent, but its advantages are limited for specific food types. Therefore, the choice of freezing equipment requires merchants to comprehensively consider the preliminary fund preparations and revenue plans.


Adapting to the factory processing environment

In addition, the special circumstances of each food processing plant must be paid attention to when choosing food freezing equipment. Merchants need to consider factors including the size of available space, the scope of production capacity requirements, hygiene requirements, cleaning and maintenance operations. In almost all cases, the ultra-low temperature food freezing equipment occupies less space than traditional mechanical freezing equipment at the same production level. When the production capacity is 500kg/h, the former only requires 6.4m2, while the latter requires 19.5m2. Because of its small footprint, adaptability to changes in production capacity, application of different types of food, simplicity, and low initial investment in fixed assets, ultra-low temperature food freezing equipment is more suitable for most food processors.


In summary, the purpose of quick-freezing equipment is to freeze the center temperature of processed food to -18° in a short time to reduce the loss of nutrients and maintain the original flavor of the food. Only by comprehensively considering product quality, production costs and environmental factors can the quick freezing equipment achieve the best freezing effect.If you want to know more about Freezing Equipment or Shrimp Processing Equipment, you can contact us.


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