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Varieties of Fish Processing Equipment format the system
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Varieties of Fish Processing Equipment format the system

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The phenomena of Fish Processing Equipment System flourishes prosperous is prevailing in society nowadays. As time goes by, various machines have emerged, and the internal structure of this system has gradually grown.


(1)High Capacity Automatic Fish Grading Machine is used to classify different types of fish

Grading for grading Machine makes the raw fish slide down at a certain angle by means of rotating rollers and water spray, then fall into the gaps between rollers to achieve grading (sorting). The gaps between rollers can be adjusted according to the grading specifications requirement of the customer by adjusting the wheels on the side of the machine, which can grade 5 specifications.


(2)High Capacity Automatic Fish Skinning Machine is used to scale and skin fish

A Fish Skinning Machine adopts a series of processes such as mechanical transferring, rolling and peeling to achieve skinning automatically. In all fairness, machine peeling of fish is different from traditional manual methods, more crisp and neat. By the same token, this machine can ensure that only the fish skin and no fish flesh are peeled off.


(3)  High Capacity Automatic Fish Filleting Machine is used to slice fish

This equipment has the same effect by machine filleting, and avoids inconsistent effect by manual boning. The size of the cutting blade can be self-adjusted to cut the thickness required by the customer. Moreover, the blades of the machine can be replaced at any time, and the updating of some parts does not affect the operation of the entire machine.


In a nutshell, it goes without exaggeration that the Fish Processing Equipment system is second to none cause these various equipment are all skilled. Only by all of these machines shoulder their own duty shall we users achieve our profits goal.


As a technical innovation enterprise, our company has gained rich application experience in aquatic products processing industry. It dedicates to supplying the industry with perfect fully automatic shrimp peeling solutions and processing machinery for fish.

By absorbing the advanced technology from abroad and self-innovation, its R&D team has launched a series of new products with independent intellectual property rights: SPM Series Shrimp Peeling Machine, SPMP Series Automatic Shrimp Peeling System, FFM Series Fish Filleting Machine, FSM Series Fish Skinning Machine and etc. It acquired in total eight national invention patents and fifteen utility model patents. Customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world including China, Russia, the United States, India, Australia, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, etc., have provided products and services to hundreds of customers at home and abroad.

POWERTECH, not only focuses on improving production efficiency for aquatic products processing factory, but also pays more attention to provide food hygiene and safety guarantee.



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